ABBA: the experience…of the experience

The two weeks I spent travelling the UK and Sweden was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. However, there were so many experiences within this whole experience. In my opinion, one of the most notable ones was our visit to the ABBA museum in Stockholm, Sweden.


Before going to Sweden I had very little knowledge about country – the extent of it being IKEA and of course, worldwide phenomenon, ABBA. I mean what is more Swedish than ABBA? Nothing.

So why is ABBA so significant to Swedish culture?

Music for the Swedish has always been a very important aspect to the culture – with the country being one of the top producers of music worldwide this comes as no surprise.

Many argue that ABBA kind of paved the way for the future of Swedish pop music, especially after winning the Eurovision song contest in 1974. ABBA’s simple lyrics and vocal heavy production, in contrast to to the heavy bass and drum styles commonly seen across the US and UK pop scenes at the same time, pioneered this influential sound that is easily translated and loved by millions globally.

For me, ABBA was one the first musical encounters I can remember – and it still hold sgreat significance in my life today.


They have such great a cultural significance in Sweden and their music has been able to connect with so many people globally over the past 40 years – so no wonder when people hear about Sweden their first thought is ABBA.

ABBA: The Museum

I was beyond excited when I heard we were going to the ABBA museum – and my excitement just heightened after seeing the Mamma Mia musical in London’s West end earlier on the trip. Honestly, I feel like the whole trip consisted of Lauren and I singing ABBA songs…and as an ABBA fanatic going to the museum was just icing on top of the cake – if you want to check out this experience from an ABBA novice check out Tahlia’s blog.


When we arrived at the museum it was clear just from the gift shop and ABBA picture ops out the front that this was no ordinary museum – and boy it wasn’t. I don’t think I had been to any museum like it before.

Constantly being followed by the upbeat music of ABBA this place was pure joy! As we made our way throughout the museum we got to enjoy hearing about the beginnings of ABBA, see all the amazing costumes and guitars, “audition” for a place in ABBA, and my personal favourite – dance on stage with the holographic members of ABBA – honestly the highlight of the trip.

abba mus

In my opinion the ABBA museum allows consumers to fully immerse themselves into the world of ABBA. It is this form of experiential marketing that makes the experience memorable, hence, why I believe the ABBA museum was the experience within the experience. Honestly if you are going Stockholm anytime soon go to the ABBA Museum it is completely worth it!

You can find out more about my experience at the ABBA museum by watching the following video:


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